Monday, August 6, 2012

Vaccinations and Visits

The visit to medical wasn't too bad (at least not for us, but the kids,well...).  It was a simple taking of basic measurements (ht., wt., and length) which led to a lot of screaming and flailing from the both of them.  Then off to the examine room where they had their heart and lungs listened to and a check over of their special need.  After the examine it was off to the vaccination room to have the TB test administered.  After a few more tears we were all finished and headed back to the hotel to let the little ones rest from their harrowing experience.  In a couple of days we will head back to the medical facility to check the TB tests.  Hoping for the all clear there (which it was).

The next day lead us on our two hour drive to Zhongshan CWI.  Ms. Zhong met us at the gate to begin the tour of the facility.  After a brief moment in the conference room we headed off to see where and how the kids lived.  We started our tour in the dining hall where the kids not only eat their meals but the older children will use the space for their studies as well.  From there we proceeded to the second level where the children were placed by age and need in day rooms.  Some rooms only had a few children during the day and other very many.  The room where Marin would have played with children her age had approximately 30 little ones ranging from healthy to special needs in one 15x15 room and two ayi's an no toys for them to play with.  Most of the children kept their distance but a few approached for interaction.

We proceeded to the room where Marin would have slept.  She clung tight to me and shook her head no when we started to enter so we stayed out side.  Before this she allowed a couple of ayi's to hold  her but after this point she denied anyone who wasn't Mama to hold or touch her.  The ayi's were all very excited to see her and each called her name as they saw her.  They seemed to be very fond of her.

After our tour we returned to the conference room where we had the chance to see some of the kids that were waiting for their Z parents to come meet them and also several children who are being advocated for in the hopes of finding them their forever families.  It was a nice visit with there older children.  They were all so wonderful and full of personality.

After our visit concluded we took in dinner at a local restaurant in Zhongshan and before taking the 1.5 hour drive back to Guangzhou.

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  1. As I read this, my heart broke for Marin shaking her head and not wanting to go into what was her room. She and Tristan have no idea what a great life they're about to have. xoxo