Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Two Years...

Two wonderful, extraordinary, exhausting years!

One the 9th of this month we will have had our two littlest home with us, as a family of 8 for two years  It seems a lifetime ago, like Tristan and Marin have always been in our home and hearts.  Two  happy, excitable, sweet,  ornery kids. 

So much has happened over the past year and so much is yet to come. 

Fall 2013 -

The Fall was a wonderful time for the kids.  The start of school together again.  They love school, their teachers and friends.  They made great strides this year and I only expect they will continue to learn and grow as we head into this upcoming school year.  Because of birth months, Tristan will move up to Kindergarten and Marin will remain in pre-school.  This will be a big change for both but will allow them to foster their individual personalities vs. being the youngest set of Clark "twins".

As always we celebrated many a fall birthday, enjoyed a variety of parties and events surrounding Halloween, and ate until we could no longer move on Thanksgiving.  Marin had her 2nd surgery to remove her fixator and was measured for and received her first prosthetic and hasn't sat still since.

Winter 2013/2014 -

As we moved into the winter months, wow was it cold, extra ordinarily so and with quite a bit of snow, even for NJ standards.  The kids loved to bundle up and run and play in the snow.  They took advantage of every snow day off of school to build forts, have snowball fights and make snow angel after snow angel.

We had art shows, instrumental and vocal concerts, dance recitals, hockey playoffs and so much more to see the wonderful talents and gifts our children have.

Christmas isn't just a day at our house, it's a month long celebration of family gatherings, joy, excitement and gifts of both the physical and spiritual kind to share with each other.  It is always the perfect time to rap up yet another wonderful year for our family

Spring/Summer 2014 -

Ah, spring!  After this past winter we were all more than ready for some warmer weather and the ability to head out without an anorak.   We looked forward to working in the yard and for the kids to plant some veggies to tend, watch grow and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Tomatoes and peppers are growing well and they are still excitedly awaiting their cantaloupes to bear sweet fruit.

Spring also means baseball and lots of it.  The two older boys played again and the rest of us rooted them on game after game, thru championships and all-star selections.  Outside is where everyone loves to be the most.  Hunting bugs (Tristan will carry around the biggest, ugliest bug on the planet, but whatever you do don't show him a lady bug or he's in a panic), digging in the dirt, playing on the swings and riding bikes.

Day trips to the shore to put our toes in the water and take on the rides on the boardwalk, to National Parks and even a day spent down in Washington, DC to see the sights (and pick up the oldest girlie from leadership camp).

The end of July Marin had yet another surgery and is currently sporting a new fixator and we have officially begun the leg lengthening process.  She is now two weeks post op and doing extraordinarily well by everyone's standards.  She is walking unassisted already and can walk up the stairs while holding on to daddy's hand.  Her Drs. and physical therapists are amazed at her progress already, but we aren't even remotely surprised by her pluck.  She will remain in her fixator for an estimated 6 six months while trying to gain between 5-6 centimeters of length on her tibia.  We are hopeful we will be successful with this goal.

And here we are another year older, perhaps a little wiser but for certain a whole lot happier with everyone of our children to love on and be loved by.