Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Packed and Ready to Go...

Bags are packed and we are getting ready to settle in for the night to catch our bus to the airport just before 7am.  It has been a great trip and the three weeks have gone so fast.  We had wonderful experiences in both Zhejiang and Guangdong Provinces.  The kids couldn't be more wonderful.  They are sweet, ornery, smiley, full of giggles and give the sweetest kisses.

Not sure what the long flight home will bring.  Will they be calm on the entire flight home like William (we can only hope) or will they be the excited little monkeys we've come to know and love.  They are great riding in vans and on a bus so we hope that translate nicely to the many, many, many hours we will be in the air and at airports. 

We will fly straight out of Guangzhou vs. taking the train to Hong Kong.  From Guangzhou we will head for a layover in Narita Airport (Japan) via Nippon Airlines before we catch our long flt. via United into Newark. 

Once we land in Newark and clear immigration, the kids will be US Citizens!!  Here's hoping immigration goes smoothly and we get through in no time so we can make the 1.5 hour drive from the airport.  I'm itching to get my arms around Griffin, Elena, William and Jocelyn.  Missed them sooo much.

Once we get home I will work on getting the photos loaded so you all can see our new beauties and some of the wonderful sights we had the opportunity to see and enjoy.


  1. All this time I thought "all" of you went to China. I kept wondering why you were not mentioning any of the rest of your children. So sorry to hear that you have not "all" been together. What an exciting homecoming you will have. Love to All...SAFE Journey Home...Lee

  2. Have a save trip to home. I hope you have no delay because of the Typhoon when you fly from Hong Kong to Japan.

    Greetings from Holland

  3. Thinking of you guys now that you are nearing the end of the journey home!! We are home and EXHAUSTED, but having so much fun. Effie and her brother are getting along well so far and she seems to be adjusting. We hope you guys had uneventful travels back to the US and are settling in at home in your own beds.

    Kara and Andy