Thursday, March 29, 2012


A short 2 minute 13 second phone call at 2:06pm today has sealed the deal. China has granted our request to adopt our two newest sweethearts. This simple piece of paper (well two) officially makes us a family. But we didn't need that paper to confirm what we already felt in our hearts for Tristan and Marin, they were already ours.

It's amazing how a simple phone call can change your life and a few simple words can, in this case, "congratulations mom" make you weak in the knees.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's in a name (Marin)?

Clark - a nice, super common Scots/Irish last name is what we have. So with a name that spans pages in the telephone directly we wanted to make sure our kids had something slightly off the usual path, but not strange and over the top, won't get you teased in school. Her siblings are: Griffin, Elena, William, Jocelyn and Tristan. If I don't say so myself, I think we did a pretty darn good job name choosing.

Marin (Latin) - Of the Sea
Elizabeth (Hebrew) - God is my vow
HeYi (Chinese) - He: Gentle, Kind Harmonious. Yi: Happy Joyful, Cheerful.

Her names are so peaceful and we know she will bring much happiness, joy and cheer to our family - she already does!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's in a name (Tristan)?

Once again we've needed to find the right name for one (or in this case two) of our children. I find selecting "the" name to be very difficult, almost impossible. For months I pour over baby name books with tens of thousands of names (most way over the top for us) and look up ideas on the Internet. While it's a name we, as mom and dad decide we like, what do the kids really think of it when they are old enough to have an opinion about it? Does it work when you are liitle but also an adult? How does is sound following an introduction such as, All rise for the Honorable.....

And name meanings, holy moly, they can range from wild to weird. So what's one to do when you find "the" name you wish to go with and the meaning isn't what you'd expected? Do you crumple up your list and toss it in the fireplace in frustration or do you go with it? Determining the definition of a name does not define the person, is the way we approached it so this is what Len chose as our names for our little man:

Tristan: (Gaelic/Welsh) - Tumult
James: (Hebrew) - Supplanter
Xuan: (Chinese) - Gorgeous/Colorful

I think dad did a great job and our boy is indeed gorgeous!!