Friday, June 24, 2011

We're Going for Two

Very, Very early this morning (just after midnight), we hit the send button on our application for adoption number two. For those that are saying it outloud and we know you are, No we haven't gone crazy (ok maybe a little more so), it was just the right time for us. We've been home with William for a little over a year and half already and our three other kiddos are growing by leaps and bounds.

We received conformation late AM that they are in receipt of the application and will be doing their review process and should let us know in a few days if we are approved to move ahead.

Assuming we'll be getting the green light, I've already started working to gather some of our dossier documents, written some of the letters we need notarized and Len even had his physical last week and had the form and letter written by the Doc. Now I just need to find a home study agency in NJ that is Hague accredited as the folks who did our last one are not and it is required with the new rules.