Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A file to Review...

Wow!!!!! That's about all I can say. GWCA saw a little one from their upcoming new Zhongshan Hope Camp and thought they would be a good match for us so we are already reviewing a little one's file. As a matter of fact, just got off the phone with CHoP for the medical review with the same IA Doc that did William's. Sent a list of requested info, tests, etc. from the IA Doc to Stephanie to shoot over to the orphanage with the hopes they can accommodate us so we have a broader picture of the kiddo's needs, abilities and developement and treatment options once home.

Also, we have the extra luck that GWCA staff is going there on Monday for a 12 day trip to assess the kids they were assigned so we have a really good chance that they will be able to meet "our" little one and give us their impressions and details as well.

Our final homestudy visit is tomorrow so we really need to keep the ball rolling to get it approved with GWCA and then off to CIS for the I800 authorization to get the dossier complete and in the CCCWA's hands much sooner than later.

Two months to the day of starting this wonderous journey again and already have a little one to consider, how lucky are we?

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