Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Updated Info...

We did get some updated information this AM on "our" girl. They say she is active, lively and clever. Much to our surprise she's been moved to a foster family where they hope "she will feel the warmth of home and it will help her adjust to new family easily if she is adopted by foreign family" I do hope they allow her to stay with her foster family for a bit after we submit our LOI so she isn't moved around again so suddenly. I can only imagine how all these changes are affecting her and know that more await. The report also states her health condition is good and is seldom sick and has made progress in her language development. She can feed herself, stack blocks, scribble with a pencil and put objects in and out of a container and turn pages of a book. She also gets along well with other and is sociable.

What we didn't get were the photos, Xrays and head measurements the IA Doc was looking for to better assess her growth (the reports from a few months back have her head a bit on the small side) and prepare for her Ortho needs when she comes home. I did ask for them again and will see what happens.

Very excited to have this new information and will be touching up our LOI, so it is just right and the CCCWA thinks she is as perfect for us as we do.

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