Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The #1's

Dossier Mailer #1: Well, my hopes of having Dossier mailer #1 out the door within a week didn't happen. My husband's Doctor, well he writes like a Doctor so... when I looked over the form after it was signed and notarized, some things weren't all that easy to read so with that we had to get the form filled out again (more neatly this time), get an appt. to see him to get it signed and arrange for the notary as well. The logistics took a little bit of time with everyone's schedules but it got done!

Our Dossier Specialist confirmed that it was recieved yesterday and that she was preping it to go out for the necessary Certifications today.

Home Study Visit #1: We had our first home study visit with our new Hauge approved agency on August 4th. We were a bit nervous with this being our first time using this HS agency and Social Worker but all went well. As a matter of fact we have our 2nd meeting tomorrow, at the house this time, so we are moving right along there. Hopefully we can do our individual interviews/meetings the following two week and with any luck have the home study complete and approved by GWCA and out the door mid-Sept. to USCIS with the I-800 application to get that portion of the Dossier underway.

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