Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The trip...

Received our itinerary for our in-country travel.  Hard to believe in only three days, we'll be taking the first (super long, 13 hours in a pressurized tube flying at 30,000 feet at 500 miles per hour trip, did I mention long) flight into Beijing.  So here goes...

7/20 - Depart Newark for Beijing
7/21 - Arrive Beijing, catch our connection into Hangzhou, Zhejiang Prov.
7/22 - Happy 3rd Birthday Tristan!! (Free day to rest as best you can with a 12 hour time difference - JET LAG))
7/23 - We travel to Civil Affairs to meet Tristan.
7/24 - 9am to Civil Affairs to register his adoption and at 11am off via van for a two hour ride to Ningo to file for his passport (can you say Dramamine)
7/25 - Shopping day to get the little man some things he might need
7/26 - Site see at Xihu
7/27 - Pick-up his passport
7/28 - An early flight from Hangzhou to Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
7/29 - Rest day before we meet our little girl (perhaps a trip to Shamian Island is in order - we will need Starbucks by then)
7/30 - Afternoon trip to meet Ms. Marin
7/31 - Civil Affairs and Public Notary for adoption registration
8/1 - Visit to Zhongshan orphanage
8/2 - Take kids for Visa photos, to medical exam and for TB tests (oh, joy)
8/3 - Visit Yuexiu Park
8/4 - TB test results day
8/5 - Visit Chen Family Temple
8/6 - Pick up Marin's passport
8/7 - US Consulate Appointment and Oath Taking Ceremony
8/8 - Pick-up US Visa for the kids
8/9 - Depart Guangzhou for Tokyo, then Tokyo home


  1. Hello,
    I'm from Enmei Yahoo. Great to see your program for this weeks! I will follow you from the Netherlands!
    Greetings Debby

  2. Oh my word, I am so excited for you!!!! Everyone on the Z group is so excited for you!


  3. You are probably there now!!!!! Oh how I look forward to seeing the two cutie beauties with you!!!! Praying for you on the journey there and back!!! Very exciting!