Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Almost Time...

Wow!  That's all I can say.  For all the waiting and never thinking we'd get off the ground and to this point, the time has come.

I just four short (hectic, panicked, frantic) days we board our first of several planes to get to the kids.

We depart NJ with a stop in Beijing before we get to our first stop in Hangzhou where we'll spend a week.  From Hangzhou we fly for a couple hours to the exceptionally hot city of Guangzhou.  After two steamy weeks in Guangzhou we'll make a pit stop in Tokyo and back home again with our arms full of little ones.

Prepping the house has been a challenge.  What we pick-up and clean gearing up to go, one of our little darlings follows behind leaving a little more to do.  But the big things have been taken care of. 

The new van (yep the 15 passenger variety - there goes any hopes of me picking up any hot guys - unless they're on their way to the airport and think I'm Rapid Rover) has been purchased.  The bedrooms have been flip-flopped to make room for the new additions.  Three weeks of groceries have been purchased and stored so no one goes hungry while we're out and about.  All the new clothes have been washed and put away.  And a whole lot more still to do.  It always gets done, somehow.

I should be able to share our itinerary tomorrow, there is a lot to do in those three weeks, that 's for certain.

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