Friday, November 4, 2011

What a Difference...

If we hadn't already found two little ones that stole our hearts and are working to bring them home, this little guy would be it, just can't stop thinking about him. Liam is only 10 months old and is on the Great Wall China Adoption agency specific list. Like William and Little Man, he was born missing his arm below the elbow (left) and that's about it.

What pains me most is that he sits on our agencies list because no families either requested a boy or a child with a limb difference. How can that be?? Missing part of arm is such a non issue as far as abilities and what these kids can do. And boys, well they are wonderful! For those that know our William, they know he can do anything that other kids can do, it may/may not need a little adjustment for it to work for him, but that's about it.

I know for some the fact that it's a right there, in your face medical condition vs. something perhaps much more severe, but not visible to naked eye can be worrisome. But honestly, it's that special little arm or leg, foot or hand that makes its even possible that they could be your child. Like William will say when asked about his arm "God made me that way" and if he hadn't, he wouldn't be ours.

If you are currently looking for "your" child or are considering adoption, won't you consider a little one with a limb difference. The only difference you will see is how much more wonderful your world became because they are in it.


  1. So happy you found us Louise (-:

    moderator of Z group

  2. Our son, who we are traveling to get very soon, also has a limb difference. One arm is shorter than the other. I know many who have adopted children with limb differences...they are the most beautiful children. Many of them, since they were born that way, are not hindered at all. They do not miss what they did not have. They are so adaptable! Congratulations to you!!!!