Monday, October 24, 2011

Two Big Things Done...

Well, it was a very busy adoption day today. We "snuck" over to USCIS this morning to see if they might take our prints (our appt. wsan't until 11/1) or send us away. It was worth the drive if they said no, so in we went. I am pleased to report that they happily printed us, never asked, or so much as looked at the date on our form and sent us back with congratulations offered by everyone we had contact with. Come on I-800A. I'm hoping my Birthday present is DTC, which I think is very possible.


We submitted our LOI for "little lady" today. YAAAAY!!! Can not wait for PA! We hope it comes as quick as "little man's" did. Once we get that in we'll be so glad to reveal their pretty little faces to the world

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