Monday, April 16, 2012

1800's Approved...

12 days!! That's all, only 12 days from receipt at the USCIS lock box to approvals being issued on our I800 applications for the kids. Friday the 13th is indeed a lucky day at the Clarks. Like the kids would say Holy Moly Macaroni!

So now we gather a bunch of other information that needs to be sent the moment we receive the approval notices in the mail (I don't want to waste a second). This is what we need to send to our agency in this package:
  • Original, signed LOA/LSC's with acceptance box checked off
  • Signed Letters of Intent
  • Signed Referral Agreements
  • Copies of I800A Approvals
  • Copies of I800 Provisional Approvals
  • Copies of Letter from Bureau of Consular Affairs
  • Completed DS-230 applications and fee (x2) C
  • Children's passport size photo
  • Completed LSC Checklist
  • Parent Information Sheet
  • Travel Information Sheet
Some things I have done, others I've not yet figured out (passport photos for the kids) and other we wait for.

Once Great Wall receives the package, they will forward it to their staff in China the next business day. Then the DS-230 applications will be delivered to the US Consulate. The Consulate will verify our approvals and then issue an Article 5. The Article 5 is then delivered to the CCCWA where they will begin processing our TA (travel approval)

I think I need a paper bag and to put my head between my knees to catch my breath. This moving at rapid fire pace, I just hope I can keep up.


  1. YAY! it does move fast from here on out.... except for waiting for TA... molasses! I am so excited for you and the kids!!!! Looking forward to it!

  2. YAY!! So fast!! You've got this!! For passport sized photos, we usually go to CVS or Walgreens and they can take the picture and print them out for you. Good luck!! We are trailing close behind you... hopefully 2 days in lockbox right now :)