Monday, February 20, 2012

February photos of Tristan

We have been very lucky to have so many families offer to and be able to get photos of Tristan when they visit EnMei Ningo CWI to meet their own child(ren). From the last photos we recieved of him just a couple of months ago he already looks different. He's filled out a bit more in the face and his hair is growing in. This is the first batch of photos where he isn't glaring and is almost smiling. He also doesn't look like he's been an cat fight, no scratches or scowel this time. Thanks for our EnMei friends in the Netherlands for taking these photos for us. We are happy to have them and offer our congratulations on the adopton of their child and wish them a lifetime of happiness. So here he is...


  1. SO cute, I see the lurking smile in there!!!
    Hooray for updates!

  2. Tristan is precious, just needs some 'wooing' in IMHO (-: