Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost DTC...

It looks like our dossier will be mailed on 1/6/2012, so only a week to go until we are DTC!! Was hoping to catch today's mailer since we, much to my surprise, were able to get our authentifications done the week prior to Christmas but with the Consulate's holiday schedule we didn't get the needed certifications. Our Dossier Specialist expects our final docs back either Tue or Wed next week allowing enough time for them to assemble our completed dossier and get it out the door.

Wishing a great 2012 to everyone!!

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  1. I saw your post on WC emails about being DTC through Great wall:) We too are with Great wall and hoped to be DTC this week, but we still haven't gotten our last batch Authenticated :( Everyday I frantically check the mail:)
    Your little ones are BEAUTIFUL! So happy for you!